Styling and decorating your new home is one of the most exciting aspects of buying a home for many. With a new build home, you often start with a blank canvas which makes the whole styling prospect much easier.

You can find lots of great styling tips in magazines, on TV and even in a home store. But with more and more people searching for inspiration online, we’ve listed a few of our favourite interior design bloggers below.

For those who have a simple sense of style, this one is for you! Using light and fresh colours throughout the home, it creates a clean and contemporary look.


The vintage, yet modern country vibe used throughout this home helps to create a cute and cosy feel. The subtle colour palette used is tasteful and not overwhelming. It looks lovely with pops of colour from fresh flowers.

This home brings the outside in. Using bare bricks and wood panelling to create an authentic yet homely feel, it makes great use of different textures while keeping a simple tone throughout.

This sleek and modern style is perfect for those of you who like the minimalist look. The same colour palette is used throughout each room creating a flow from room to room.

If you’re looking to inject some colour into your life, then this interior will definitely give you some inspiration. This home has more than one pop of colour in every room, but it works!


We hope these will help you on your journey to creating the perfect home. Happy house styling!

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