Milton Keynes is perceived as a paradox with its vast green space often overlooked.

As poet Jackie Kay said of Milton Keynes’ juxtapositions “the square and the circles, the built landscape and park lands, the ecological and the creative…. It’s a town built on a green ethos… If there was a well-established tree standing in the way, they would build roads around it”.

It’s funny and it’s true. Green space is important here; Milton Keynes boasts more than 5,000 acres of parkland and woodland – that includes 15 lakes and 11 miles of canals, and there are more than 20 million trees and shrubs – that’s 100 for every resident.

We’ve planted around 30,000 trees at Brooklands, with our new homes and apartments there surrounded by luscious green features.

Here, we take a look around the best green spaces of the local area…


Brooklands, Milton Keynes

We’re starting on our own doorstep, where The Ridge and the Meadows are dominant areas of green which were created early on in the Brooklands story – ensuring that we gave future residents places in which to live and play.

The Ridge and the Meadow give residents somewhere to walk the dog, feed the ducks, or simply unwind and exercise in the fresh air.

Transcending just simple recreation areas, the Ridge and the Meadows have transformed the natural landscaping in this area; there are spaces for a range of ages, including are two main play areas which differ in design to cater for younger and older children and have proved very popular.

Beautiful, ornate bridges are scattered throughout the park and provide a real point of interest, whilst pleasant wildflower areas along the margins of the brook itself make for an added spot of beauty.


Ouzel Valley Park

The Ouzel Valley Park meanders from Caldecotte Lake in the south to Willen Lake in the north, with a spacious, open atmosphere with long views. Much of the land is farmed by The Parks Trust rearing their own cattle and sheep. Between the livestock you can still see the remnants of an old field system with the ridge and furrow still visible. Incorporating the historic villages of Woolstone and Woughton, the park is bordered on its western side by the Grand Union Canal. The Ouzel Valley Park is an excellent spot for cycling and walking, away from roads. Where its route borders The Open University there is often a cricket or football game to watch.


Stonepit Field

Stonepit Field is the location for many events including wildflower walks and fossil hunts. It is also a great place for dog walking. Stonepit Field gets its name from the nearby small limestone quarry, long disused, from which some of the oldest buildings in Great Linford were sourced.

In 2008 The Parks Trust undertook an extensive drainage and landscape remodelling project in partnership with Persimmon Homes. Two ponds were created to help control flood water and create new wetland habitat for birds, frogs, newts and dragonflies by storing rain water from the new development at Stantonbury Park Farm. The ponds have improved and increased the wildlife diversity of the area and provide valuable, new wetland areas for aquatic and semi-aquatic species. The new planting has also provided food and shelter for an increased number of bird species.

Stonepit Field's wildflower meadow is home to a colony of small blue butterflies and is the only park in Milton Keynes where you will be able to see them.


See Brooklands' green spaces for yourself

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