From concrete cows to a Red Bull – a Milton Keynes ‘cock and bull story’!

Our homes at The Square at Brooklands are located in Milton Keynes – the largest and last of the ‘new towns’ created in 1967 to ease London’s growing population.

In spite of its youthful age, Milton Keynes still boasts a rich history – a heritage which makes it one of the most fascinating places to live in the South East.

Did you know for example the famous phrase ‘a cock and bull story’ originates from Milton Keynes? Yup, the saying dates back to the coaching era of the late 18th Century; back then travellers on coaches would pass through Stony Stratford en route to London or the North, stopping at the two main pubs of the day – the Cock and the Bull.

Travellers on those coaches were regarded as interesting sources of information, imparting their tales from the town or from other areas of England – their stories often imparted onto dwellers of the Cock and the Bull inns.

With tales like that – and those we’ve explored below – dinner parties in your new home at The Square at Brooklands will never be dull. So, kick back and relish these delightful anecdotes, as Milton Keynes makes other areas green with envy…

Did you know…? No one in Milton Keynes is ever more than half a mile from a park.

Our beautiful town’s green credentials are often overlooked, but did you know that Milton Keynes has over 5,000 acres of parkland and woodland – that includes 15 lakes and 11 miles of canals, more bridges than Venice and more shoreline than Jersey – and there are more than 20 million trees and shrubs – that’s 100 for every resident.

The love of green space is true of The Square at Brooklands too, where our homes are surrounded by luscious flora and fauna. There’s the Ridge and the Meadow – green spaces where more than 30,000 trees have been planted, new ponds have been created and there are six-kilometres of pathways as well as woodlands and wildlife to enjoy.

Did you know..? About Milton Keynes’ American roots?

Milton Keynes is based on a North American-style grid road network with all of the main roads adopting an H or V – something which indicates whether they run horizontally or vertically. It’s a planning concept that’s the brainchild of Californian Melvin Webber.

Did you know…? Milton Keynes will celebrate art ‘til the cows come home…

From the exhibitions of the Milton Keynes Gallery, to more than 200 pieces of public art dotted around the place, to installations such as the much loved Concrete Cows created by Canadian Artist, Liz Leyh, using scrap building materials, art is embraced in Milton Keynes.

So loved are the cows, that upon suggestion of them being moo-ved, 800 commuters signed a petition protesting against the decision!

Did you know..? Milton Keynes gives you wings…

The dominant force of Formula 1, Red Bull Racing is based in Milton Keynes. Yup, it’s here in the town that the team’s winning cars are created and built – cars which helped the team win four back-to-back Constructors and Drivers Championships between 2010 and 2013.

Did you know…? The world’s first distance learning uni was founded here

The Open University is the world’s first distance learning institution to award degrees, and guess where it was founded and operates from… Milton Keynes! Since its inception in 1971, the ‘University without walls’ has helped more than 1.6m people earn a degree.

Did you know..? Milton Keynes loves homegrown entrepreneurs

71.5% of all business in Milton Keynes started up in the town. Those homegrown businesses include WD40 and apparently only six people here locally know the recipe for the mechanical lubricant (perhaps they’re neighbours?).

And finally…. Milton Keynes boasts some famous faces too!

Whether born or residing in Milton Keynes – the area obviously boasts a whole host of MK Dons footballers, including England and Spurs footballing star Dele Ali, Olympian Greg Rutherford, Heavyweight boxer Matt Legg, Professional Golfer Ian Poulter and Professional British Racecar Driver Kazeem Manzur - to name a few.

Talented Great British Bake Off winner 2015, Nadiya Hussain now resides in Milton Keynes and for those who remember the TV show ‘New Faces’ – past winner and much-loved comedian, singer and actor, Gary Wilmot, also lives here

There are certainly plenty of famous faces hailing from or living in Milton Keynes so who knows who you’ll bump into in and around The Square at Brooklands!

Do you know something about MK that we don’t?

If you have a super interesting fact about the local area, then drop our team a line at; we’ll be updating this story with the best new facts as and when we receive them.

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