Help to Buy and Shared Ownership are both fantastic government led schemes that were introduced to help people get a foot on to the property ladder.


Generally, there can be a bit of confusion surrounding the two schemes. That's why we have put together this table and video below to help distinguish between the two schemes.

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Help to Buy vs Shared Ownership comparison table

Help to Buy Shared Ownership
A 20% equity loan from the Government is provided to help you purchase. Enables you to purchase a share of your home, usually between 25-75%.
For the first 5 years, this equity loan is interest-free. Afterwards, you pay the interest amount per month. Rent is paid on remaining share. i.e.: if you purchase 75% of the property’s value, you pay rent on the remaining 25%.
No maximum household income. Your household must earn less than £80,000 to be eligible for this scheme.
Can only be used on New Build homes up to £600,000. Can be used on new and existing homes.
Cannot own another home - if you already have a home you must be in the process of selling it. Cannot own another home – if you do, you must be in the process of selling it.
You will own 100% of your home when the mortgage is paid off. You can increase the amount you own gradually by purchasing more shares until you own 100% of the property – this is called stair-casing.

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